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Hair Needling

Hair Needling (or Microneedling for Hair) is a new non-invasive technique to help your hair regrowth if you suffer from hair loss.
The treatment consists of applying a multivitamin serum to your scalp, and then make it go into the skin it with a "derma pen" consisting of very short and very fine micro needles.
The micro-needles will create micro perforations and thus micro-channels in the scalp that will increase the penetration of active ingredients in the surface layers of the scalp which will stimulate hair regrowth.

Hair Me Up: Service

Before Treatement

  • No Aspirin or anticoagulant of any type 24 hours before

  • No alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before

  • No tinting 3 days before the procedure

After Treatment

  • Avoid touching hair as much as possible 

  • Avoir washing hair 24 hours after procedure

  • Use a new pillow case after procedure

  • Use gentle shampoo after procedure

  • Avoid any hair treatment during two to three weeks.

  • No Aspirin or Anticoagulant 24h after treatment

  • No alcohol 24h after treatment

Before and after treatment

Microneedling is not recommended for those who :

  • Are under 18

  • Have diabetes

  • Are under any treatment 

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Have any heart diseases or carrying a pacemaker

  • Have any skin diseases (sunburn, rash, eczema, shingles, acne...please consult a doctor)

  • Have transmittable blood diseases (HIV or Hepatitis ...)

  • Have a haemophilia

  • Have healing disorders or uncontrolled high blood pressure

  • Have on any skin medication such as Accutane or steroids

  • Have active skin cancer

  • Are under radiotherapy or chemotherapy (consult your doctor)

  • Have epilepsy

  • Had Botox in the past one month

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