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What Should You Know About Lip Blushing?

Lips are one of the most notable parts of our face. Thus, plump and soft lips are always important as they can help you retain that glossy look. At times, people suffer from dull lips, and the reasons behind it can be medical or genetic. Having dull lips surely has an impact on the personality and confidence of a person.

Well, cosmetic treatments such as lip blushing are a saviour for individuals who wish to attain that glossy lip look. Not everyone knows much about lip blushing as it is among the lesser-known treatments individuals use. Hence, if you are considering getting a lip blushing treatment done, then there are several things that you should know. To know more about it, keep reading!

Healing Process Can Last For 2 Weeks.

The initial healing process takes 2 to 3 days, and after this, the complete healing process takes around two weeks. Thus, when it comes to finding the right time to get a lip blush tattoo, it is suggested to go on Thursday so that you can have the weekend ahead of you to get the healing required.

You can expect your lips to flake and scab, and the colour of the lips can get dull due to the initial thickness suffered during the healing process. You should not panic as this is the initial healing process, and it is common to suffer these effects. Your lips' colour will return once the complete healing process is finished. Thus, all you need is patience when you consider going for the lip-blushing process.

Your Skin Tone Might Affect the Results

Since lip blushing is a cosmetic treatment, it can also be affected by several factors, including your skin tone. It is more common for those with darker skin tones to have hyperpigmentation, a condition in which localised areas of skin grow darker than the skin around them.

An overabundance of melanin is to blame for this phenomenon. More organic pigment is created when the body heals the micro-wounds caused by the needle, which might make the lips darker than intended.

Traditional Tattoo Ink VS Pigment Ink

The epidermis is considered the outermost layer of skin, and although the term "permanent makeup" implies that tattoo ink is used, only a semi-permanent pigment is really used. The use of conventional ink results in a less natural appearance and a much longer-lasting finish for the cosmetics. A variation in consistency might also be seen. Pigment ink provides a more realistic appearance since it is thicker than regular ink. Pigment, on the other hand, is only semi-permanent. Because it is only used on the surface of the skin, it may be easily removed by exfoliation after 12-18 months. Therefore, occasional maintenance is essential to keep the look fresh.


Getting the right treatment for your lips as a small mistake can ruin the look of your face. Thus, this write-up covers some of the most usual things one should know before getting the finest lip treatment. Also, if you want the best lip blush tattoo, you can consider Make Me Up London. To know better about the services and treatment, hook up to the website now!

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